Terms & Conditions

In force since January 12, 2015

Given that
this site www.fanceat.co.uk (hereinafter, the “Web Site”) is owned by Fanceat srl with registered office in Turin, Via Pier Carlo Boggio 59, tax code and VAT 11271260017 registered in the Turin register of companies with REA TO/1199926, and is dedicated to the description of the general conditions and procedures by which the associated restaurants provide users with menu suggestions specified in the Web site. The Web site is designed, built and managed directly by Fanceat Srl and it allows for Registered Users (as defined below) of:

  • view the products purchased through the Website;
  • select the products they intend to purchase, available for purchase both in occasional (Occasional Service) or by subscription (Subscription Service);
  • use the transport service of home products;

The company, as part of its fairness and transparency policy, invites each user of the website (hereinafter the ”user”) before starting the site navigation, to carefully read these Terms and Conditions (hereinafter, the “T&C”) that regulate the services offered via the website.
If you will not agree to these T&C and/or any other note, legal notice, informative or disclaimer published on the website, please do not use the site or its services. Visit the Web site or proceed with the ordination of a Product implies acceptance of these terms and conditions and related and/or linked documents.


These T&C define and regulate the general conditions of use of the Website and User Services provided by Fanceat Srl, as identified above, in the person of the legal representative (the “Company”).

Your use of the Web site by each user, regardless of whether it is a Visiting User, a Registered User, a User Occasional or Subscriber, subject to the terms and conditions set forth in these T&C, even if whereby the shipper does not exercise any of the Services or the functions available there.

For the purposes of this Agreement, the term “T&C” refers to a set of general rules of use of the Web Site and Services as well as the particular conditions governing the use of individual services, including therein any document retrieved by this or any other note , legal notice, informative or disclaimer published on the Website. This Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) and any additional conditions listed in the various sections of the website are an integral and essential part of these T&C .

In these T&C, in addition to the terms defined elsewhere, the terms listed below shall have the meanings ascribed beside each of them. In particular:

  • Web- site means the website accessible at www.fanceat.com, but also all the internet addresses (eg URLs, domain names and pages) and / or the related application software for the use of services that the Company controls or manages and that are used to offer or provide services as well as all mirrors, substitutions and backups and all the web pages that the sites include.
  • Company – means Fanceat S.r.l.
  • Service – means individually or collectively any service and all the functions associated with it offered on the Website either free or for payment and offered directly by the Company or by third parties with our contribution. The term Service includes, in the absence of specifications, the Website and all the services for a fee and also the functions are made available to Users.
  • User – is collective means the Visitor or Registered User or Occasional or Subscriber and in any event, any person using or is preparing to use or make use of the Services or the Website.
  • Visiting User – refers to a User who navigates on the Website and/or who uses the functions and/or services made available to the generality of the Users without to register to the Website or subscribe to any Service.
  • Members – means the Users subscribing providing personal information to gain access to the use of the Service accessible only after registration at the Web Site.
  • Occasional User – means the registered user who buys without a subscription.
  • User Subscriber – means the Registered User that activates the Subscription Service to the conditions set out in these T & C without cancel the service after the first purchase.
  • Restaurant Associates – means the Restaurants and farms whose products are sold through the Web Site Users.
  • Products – means the menu suggestions, in the terms specified on the Web Site, Restaurants Associates visible to users on the Web Site and these sold through the above Web site.
  • Conveyor – transport company or freelancer delegated / or transport of products from the manufacturer to you



The Company reserves the right to update, integrate and modify in whole or in part the terms of these T & C and each of the documents from these recalled, including the Privacy Policy, the Services and their features, as well as, by way of example and not exhaustive, fees for the use of the Services published therein.

You agree to take periodic vision of the same, provided that the Company shall take all reasonably necessary and appropriate to bring to the User aware, through the same Web site, the possible variation of the T&C and/or Services, as indicated below.

The changes to the T&C and/or its services will be effective upon publication on the Website and will apply only to sales concluded later.

The Company will inform its users of the changes to these T&C or the features/limitations of the Services and/or costs thereof by publication on the Website and, for Members, through appropriate communication sent to the User’s email indicated when registering to the Website and/or subsequently.

Changes and updates will be deemed accepted by the Users connecting to the Site or using the Web Site following the time when the change will be published on the Website itself or when they have received, if Members, the communication of the modification of the T&C.

If you do not agree with the changes, please do not use the Web Site and, in the case of Members, may withdraw from the contract and to proceed and delete your own account in the “My Profile” Web Site and clicking “Delete profile”


The Website and the Services offered are intended to Members residing in the Italian territory who have completed 18 (eighteen) years of age. The service is automatically provided by computerized systems.

The User wishing to register or subscribe to the service proceeding to registration and after the selection of Services guarantees to be an adult, and that the personal data provided is true, correct, updated, referring to the person who places them or inserted with the consent of the third, assuming all liability for the correctness and accuracy of information provided. If there were to be changes in the data provided by the clients, it is the responsibility of the latter to inform the Company of the updates as soon as possible.

Orders containing alcohol may be carried out by persons who have reached 18 years of age. Drinks containing alcohol can be sold and delivered exclusively to persons who have reached 18 years of age. The Company, during the age verification and at its discretion, may require proof that you are 18 years of age to anyone proves THE apparent age of about 25 years. By placing an order which includes alcoholic beverages, you declare to be 18 years of age. The Company reserves the right to refuse delivery of any type of alcoholic beverage to anyone who proves age apparent, or can not prove that his age registry, at least 18 years. The Company also reserves the right to refuse delivery of any type of alcoholic beverage to individuals who are, or appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

The Company provides a delivery service to restaurants in the Associated Products reports, prepared under the responsibility of Restaurants Associates, offered to Users via the website of the Company.

The service offered by the Company intends to establish a simple, practical and innovative means by which users can easily access the list of menus offered by Restaurant Associates Web Site, then ordering the Products to Associates Restaurants. The Company deals with the marketing and delivery of products to users on behalf of Associates Restaurants, concluding orders in the name of the latter and seeing to the physical delivery of products to users.

The contract for the supply of Product ordered through the web site ends between the User and Associate restaurant and perfected only when sending an e-mail to you for confirmation as in next art. 9.

4.1 Service Availability and Products

The Company offers a custom service of products of selected Restaurants Associates via the website, and is also involved in its delivery of the products, in accordance with and within the limits of these T & C. The Service operating hours may vary according to the opening hours of the business premises and the availability of Restaurant Associates at the delivery location.

Products are delivered subject to verification by the Associated restaurant, their availability. In case of lack of products, the restaurant can offer, depending on the circumstances, a proposal for an alternative menu to products that may not be able to provide. If allergic to certain foods and/or substances, the User is obliged to contact the Associate restaurant prior to the execution and confirmation of any order. The Company does not assume any responsibility and claims not to be able to rule out the presence of allergens in products sold by Associates Restaurants.


The navigation of certain sections of the Website and the use of the Service within the Web site can also be accessed by Users Visitors free.

The Company reserves the right to allow, even temporarily, to Users Visitors using the Service, or access to certain areas normally reserved for Registered Users, for Occasional Users and/or Members Subscribers.

For the purposes of the integral and full enjoyment of the service offered by the Web site, register on the Web site is required.

5.1 Recording mode to Web Site

In order to benefit from the Services, you must register by providing some personal information (hereinafter, the “Registration”), indicating a valid e-mail account and creating a personal account (hereinafter, the ” profile “), following the relevant registration procedure described from time to time at the time of registration, to enable the Company to have a purchasing profile sufficient to provide the Services.

Access to the site is permitted only through the use of your username and password chosen during registration.

The Registered User can at any time access your Profile to update or change the entered data, including information related to your preferences. It is understood that the Registered User will be solely responsible for the accuracy and updating of this information.

In the event that you fail to complete the registration process or authentication after providing the e-mail address and/or other data required for registration, the User may receive a limited number of communications that will invite to conclude the registration process and will describe the service for which the application process, firm was started prejudice the User may withdraw from the contract and the removal from the web-site by writing to info@fanceat.com with the subject “cancellation Request” .

5.2 E-mail

The Registered User agrees to provide a valid e-mail account, which ensures that you have legitimately and which regularly accesses. The Registered User also agrees to promptly update the My e-mail address registered on the Account in the event of changes. Profiles registered with the e-mail address belonging to different subjects by the Registered User or with temporary email addresses may be deleted from Fanceat without notice. Fanceat also reserves the right to validate their accounts wherever Fanceat has reason to believe that e-mail addresses given are not valid.

5.3 Occasional Service Activation or in the Subscription Service

After a successful registration to the Website by the Registered User, a Registered User will have the option of selecting the services offered by the Site to be utilized according to subparagraph Article 5 (Services).

In case of selection of Occasional Services, for the activation of the same the Registered User must complete the required fields in order to create a user profile through which can indicate the address of delivery of the purchased products occasionally.

If the selection in the Subscription Service, for the activation of the same the Registered User must indicate the delivery address of the Products purchased by subscription.

Given the selection of the delivery route, the Registered User will contact the Company for the final activation of selected services.

The service offered by Fanceat Registered Users, for Occasional Users and Users Subscribers, is a service that allows you to:

  • view the products purchased through the Website;
  • select the products that the user intends to order and buy, is the second purchase methods on an occasional basis (Occasional Service) that subscription (Subscription Service);
  • use the transport service of the Products to the delivery address indicated by the User;
  • pay the amount due to the Company for the purchase of products offered through the Website.

The service is available for purchase either occasionally (the “Occasional-service”) or by subscription, ie a continuous mode and following activation request to the Service Member and until such time as the User Subscriber does not require suspension or disabling or cease the supply for other reasons highlighted below (the “Subscription for Service”).

In the event that the User Subscriber Suspend desires, Deactivate or Cancel your subscription profile and the User Occasional want to delete the profile, you will have to access your account (section “My Profile” Web Site) and select the appropriate option “Pause Subscription” or “disable the Subscription Service” or “Delete profile” following the relative procedure described from time to time when the option selection.

Users Subscribers will have to suspend or terminate the service before the closing date of the weekly order in the reference period specified on the web-site.


8.1 Public offering

All products and prices shown in the Services shall constitute an offer to the public with the limitations and procedures contained in the Web Site and in these T & C. These prices may vary according to the product and can be changed at any time. Any changes, however, do not apply to orders for which you have already sent e-mail confirmation, except in the case of an obvious price error about which the Company undertakes to inform the User in quickly as possible. In this case, once you informed, the user has the right to cancel the order. Without prejudice to the use by the Company of diligence in art. 1176 cc in order to avoid errors in the indication of prices, it is possible that some products bear a wrong price. Normally, the Associate concerned shall Restaurant price verification during the ordering process, before the order becomes an Order in Corso. The payment of the Products is by credit or debit card via the Service and, at checkout, credit or debit card is authorized and the amount due is blocked for payment. All payments are made directly to the Company, pursuant to a mandate for, and it is then transferred to the Restaurant Associate. Therefore, payment of the price established for the various products, made in favor of the company, frees the user from the obligation to pay the price of such Products at Restaurant Associate.

8.2 Look and Feel

The accompanying photographs of the products are merely representative function and are only intended to present the products. The Company disclaims any responsibility and therefore provides no guarantee with regard to the correspondence of the layout of the Products published on the Website and the Products delivered.

8.3 Products with variable weight

The variable weight products (eg. Vegetables, delicatessen) products are offered in the Web Site in guaranteed minimum weights and measures. By purchasing products that include one or more such products with variable weight, the Company will apply exclusively the price calculated at the order, without any consideration of increases or decreases in prices, which may have occurred after or before that ended.

8.4 Products for packaging

In the event that the Products purchased through the Services (whether both service Occasional service subscription) includes one or more of such products for the packaging, the Company will apply exclusively the price calculated at the order on the Subscription Service, without any consideration of increases or decreases in prices, even for promotions, eventually occurred after or before that ended.

8.5 Prices

All prices include VAT. The cost of delivery and service management is included in the price of the Products unless specifically indicated.

The order placed by the User or the User Occasional Subscriber will be binding on the Company only interested if the entire order process has been completed normally without any highlighting of error messages from the Web site.

Acceptance of the order implies the immediate charge of the amount for the User Occasional and recursive charged to your credit card for online subscribers.

Following the acceptance of the order, the Registered User will receive confirmation by e-mail and display in your “Profile” the order placed and confirmed by the list of products ordered and their price, date and time of the delivery end and general and particular conditions applicable to the order itself.

In order to ensure maximum freshness linked to the seasonality of products and the variability of the production dependent on the weather conditions (drought, heavy rains, snowfall, frost) the User Occasional or User Subscriber acknowledges and agrees that occasionally can not be delivered all the products indicated in the order sent and accepted by the Company.

In this case, the Company will promptly refund the amounts of the products ordered and not delivered.

The Company encourages its Restaurants Associates to accept and fulfill all orders and to communicate promptly any waste, which will then be announced by the Company to You by e-mail as soon as reasonably possible. In any case, the Associated Restaurants can choose to reject orders at any time due to the excessive number or because of weather conditions or for any other reason related to their professional activities.

The User has the right to cancel any order provided this is done before the order entailed by the Associated restaurant use of food for the preparation of products (hereinafter also only “Order in Progress.” The user who intends to cancel the order should contact the Customer Service, who will get in touch with Associate restaurant in order to communicate to the Applicant’s request. there is no guarantee in relation to the fact that Customer Service will be able to contact the Restaurant Associate or the Associate Restaurant accepts the request for cancellation of the order as this may already have become an order in course. in addition, both the Company and the Associate restaurant have the right to cancel any order, provided that the user is notified with reasonable notice. in case of cancellation of an order under this clause will not be charged for the Shipper and any payment made prior to the cancellation of the order by the Company or the Associate Restaurant is repaid, usually using the same mode used for the payment order concerned. Orders canceled by you after becoming Orders Course will be charged to the User. The qualification of an order as an Order in Corso or not it is solely for the Company or the restaurant Associate. The right of withdrawal is excluded pursuant to art. 59 of the Consumer Code since in case of food prepared to order and subject to rapid deterioration.

For each order placed Fanceat will issue special invoice of the shipped products that will be transmitted to the Registered User via e-mail (to the senses and for the effects dell’artt. 14 dPR 445/00 and Legislative Decree no. 52/2004) . The data provided by Members at the time the order will be included in the invoice, provided that no change will be possible following the issuance of the invoice.

10.1 Delivery

The Company will arrange for transportation of the products to the address indicated by the User Joined by selected professional transporters.

The company delivers the only products purchased in designated areas and also indicated in the “Support” section. The products will be delivered in the days and time slots chosen by the Registered User. Unless explicitly agreed in writing for delivery requires the presence Registered User or his appointee to the e in the time period specified in the order.

The delivery service is only guaranteed for homes reached by the means provided to the Company’s suppliers (excluding such as housing that is only accessible by dirt roads or exclusively pedestrian). The staff will only deliver the goods on the roadside in front of the civic front door in order to ensure cost and schedule content to all Occasional Users and Users Subscribers. In the event that you fail to present at the civic indicated or does not respond to telephone calls after 10 minutes from the courier arrival at the indicated address, the Company reserves the right to abandon the place of delivery and carry the charge of the User Product.

For organizational reasons and efficiency of the services, the products delivered can not be verified or controlled by you or Occasional User Subscriber upon delivery. However, for any abnormality detected, the User may contact the Company by writing to hello@fanceat.com or via the “Contact us” by specifying the anomaly and accompanying with photographic material.

The Company undertakes to execute the order in good faith and to fulfill, or make sure they are met with the utmost care all the obligations set out there in the spirit of solidarity and self-organization that characterizes and must characterize all activity and services offered and used by users through the web site.

The Company shall not be responsible for any delays occurred during transport. Likewise, the Company shall not be liable for any loss, damage, incorrect or non-delivery caused by events and / or causes of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances, such as a guideline but not limited to: natural disasters, adverse weather conditions (such as heavy snowfall), any strikes (or other of its employees), accidents in transportation, explosion or any other cause, whether similar or different, which occurred outside the Company’s control and she did not attributable, even existing, which prevent or aggravate the ‘total or partial execution of the contract.

The timing of orders is determined taking into account the total number of orders, the circumstances in which there is the Restaurant and Associate of the User’s geographic location.

10.2 Failure to Deliver

The Occasional User and the User Member, in light of the co-participation and self-organization policy that inspires “Fanceat” Service, acknowledges and accepts that in case of impossibility of delivery of the products due to its (or the person charge) non-attendance at delivery in the day and the time agreed, the Registered User Products purchased will be returned to you Fanceat Srl

11.1 PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD or through the PAYPAL payment system

The Registered User at the time of activation of the Service Occasional or in the Subscription Service, as indicated in paragraph 4.3, will have to fill out the required fields from the online payment by credit card system. The User Subscriber, in case of changes, will promptly update its data. Data relating to the credit card provided at the Stripe Payment System User Occasional Subscriber or the User will not be processed directly by the Company, as described in the Privacy Policy.


11.2 With the activation of Occasional Services and Subscription Service in the mode of payment by credit card via the payment platform STRIPE:

User Subscriber expressly authorizes the Company or third parties authorized by periodically to credit the amount for the purchase or the subscription cost of the service Subscription to the payment card;
Occasional User and the User Subscriber guarantees the availability of the necessary sum for the payment of products ordered through the Service Occasional or for Subscription Service; in particular, the User Member, in case of renewal of the purchase of the Products orders, arrange for the required amount for each period of the previous renewal at maturity;
Occasional User and Subscriber User expressly authorize the Company or third parties authorized by the government to keep on their systems the ID of the credit card in order to enable the User Occasional User and Subscriber repurchase with predictive mode;
11.3 Additional Information and Suspension of Services

The Company reserves the right to require the User Occasional User and Subscriber additional information or sending copies of documents proving the ownership of the paper used.

The Company reserves the right not to accept the purchase order and / or to withdraw with immediate effect by the present T & C according to the provisions of Article 14 (Termination. Termination of Services) in the event that the User Occasional or l ‘ user Subscriber fails to provide the information and / or copies of documents proving the ownership of the card used for payment of the Products ordered.

Without prejudice to the right of the Company to terminate with immediate effect by the present T & C according to the provisions of Article 14 (Termination. Termination of Services), the Company shall also have the right to suspend all or part of the Occasional Service or in Subscription Service in case of unavailability of the sums necessary for the purchase of products ordered as provided in paragraph 10.2, letter b.

In any case, the Company can not be held responsible for any fraudulent use of credit cards by a third party upon payment of products purchased on the Website.


The Company is committed to the implementation of quality standards relating to products only until the time of delivery at the place indicated by the User Occasional / User Subscriber; It is excluded from any liability related to the poor state of the products due to improper subsequent storage at the time of delivery or at other delivery points allowed by the user.

The Company disclaims any liability with regard to damages caused by the consumption of products, as the Company uses third-party suppliers, for the supply of products and the Company itself does not intervene, at no time, in confezionatura and handling of products. The Company disclaims any responsibility for the information, data, and any technical inaccuracies or other nature that may be contained in the Web Site.

The Company disclaims any responsibility for the information provided / purchased directly by individuals Restaurants Associates.

Any disputes relating to the execution of the service might be raised, under penalty of forfeiture, within 48 (forty eight) hours of Delivery info@fanceat.com writing or via the “Contact us” documenting the protest even with photographic material.

The Company shall not be liable for any damages resulting inaccessibility to services arising from problems connected to the network, providers or telephone and / or computer to which it has no control, failure and / or malfunctioning of electronic equipment of ‘User himself.

The Company assumes no responsibility for content created or published on third-party sites with which the Web site has a hyperlink ( “links”). Users who decide to visit a site linked to the Website does so at his own risk and it is your responsibility to take all necessary measures against viruses or other malware.

The Company and You are not responsible for, one against the other, for the delay or failure or improper performance of its obligations if such delay or failure in performance arising from a cause which is outside its legal sphere of control, that is, for reasons of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances. A greater clarity, it should be noted that the forecasts referred to in this Article shall not constitute a valid cause of User’s exemption from its payment obligations under these terms and conditions, except in cases of temporary impossibility of performance resulting from causes not to him due.

The Registered User has the right to terminate the Subscription Service and request deletion of your Account at any time, without penalty, by writing to info@fanceat.com and requesting subscription and account deactivation.

It is understood that the right of withdrawal will not have effect in relation to products which comply in order Occasional Services and has already been accepted by the Company prior to the receipt of the cancellation notice. In any event, the User, pursuant to art. 55, letter. a) of the Consumer Code, you have no right to cancel orders made once the product has been delivered.

In the event that the right of withdrawal has been exercised by a User Subscriber, the right of withdrawal shall take immediate effect when the notice is received by the Company no later than the closing date weekly order in the reference period specified in the Web site or, if not, , with effect from the order next week.

You agree not to use the Web Site or related services for illegal purposes or not covered by the present T & C. You may not use the Web Site or related services in order to damage or otherwise impair the Website or interfere with the use and enjoyment of the Web Site of the Related Services by other Users.

The Registered User is obliged to keep the access credentials to your private account and is responsible for any use of the Website to be done by anyone who accesses using its credentials. The Registered User agrees in any case:

Do not use machines, algorithms, software or other automated features for generating the call of pages or materials;
not generate pages references by “chain letters”, e-mail or other means, by which you request to a person or a group of people to consult a page;
notify the Company immediately in case of suspected violation of the security of your Account.

The Company reserves the right to the User communicates the resolution of the report pursuant to art. 145 cc and a ban on access to and use of the Website and the Services, or any portion thereof, at any time and with immediate effect, in the event of breach by the User of his obligations provided for under the preceding Articles 11 ( consideration and payment terms) and 14 (Obligations).

L’accesso al Sito Web potrà altresì essere temporaneamente interrotto in caso di problemi tecnici o per garantirne la manutenzione. Di tali interruzioni sarà data se possibile comunicazione sul Sito Web.

In qualsiasi momento la Società potrà apportare miglioramenti e/o cambiamenti al Sito Web e ai Servizi qualora ciò si renda necessario per ragioni tecniche o al fine di conformarsi alla normativa vigente.

La Società si riserva altresì la facoltà di cessare, in tutto o in parte, la prestazione dei Servizi in qualsiasi momento e con ragionevole preavviso al fine di consentire agli Utenti Occasionali e agli Utenti Registrati la fruizione degli ordini inviati. In tali ipotesi la Società darà tempestiva comunicazione agli Utenti Registrati, agli Utenti Occasionali e agli Utenti Abbonati via e-mail e, in generale agli Utenti, mediante avviso sul Sito Web.


E’ consentito all’utente utilizzare il Sito Web nonché stampare e scaricare dal Sito Web estratti del Sito stesso per uso personale non avente finalità commerciali. L’utente non deve utilizzare il Sito in modo improprio, ivi incluso mediante tecniche di pirateria informatica (hacking) o di estrazione informatizzata di dati (scraping).

Salvo che sia diversamente previsto, il diritto d’autore e gli altri diritti di proprietà intellettuale relativi al Sito ed al materiale in esso pubblicato (ivi incluso, a titolo esemplificativo e non esaustivo, fotografie ed immagini grafiche) sono di proprietà della Società o dei soggetti da cui la Società ha ottenuto la relativa licenza. Ai fini del presente Sito web, è vietato qualsiasi eventuale uso di estratti del presente Sito web con modalità diverse da quanto previsto dal presente paragrafo.

Non è consentito modificare le copie digitali o cartacee di eventuale materiale stampato in conformità a quanto previsto nel paragrafo 7.1 né utilizzare alcun disegno, fotografia o altra immagine grafica, sequenza video o audio separatamente dal testo che l’accompagna.

È necessario accertarsi che alla Società venga sempre riconosciuto la qualità di autore del materiale presente sul Sito.

Non è consentito l’utilizzo di materiale presente sul Sito o del Sito stesso per finalità commerciali senza aver ottenuto dalla Società una licenza in tal senso.

Salvo per quanto previsto nei paragrafi precedenti, il presente Sito Web non può essere utilizzato e nessuna sua parte può essere riprodotta o archiviata in alcun altro sito web né può essere inserito in alcun sistema o servizio, pubblico o privato, per il recupero elettronico delle informazioni senza la preventiva autorizzazione scritta della Società.

Any rights not expressly granted in this website are reserved.

Although the Company takes action to ensure that access to the Site may normally take place around the clock (24h / 24), the Company does not assume any obligation in this regard and is not responsible to the User in the event that the site, at any time or for periods of any duration, is not available.

Access to this Site may be temporarily suspended at any time, without notice.

Unfortunately, the transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure. Although the Company takes the measures prescribed by law for the protection of the information you entered, it is not able to guarantee the security of data transmitted to the Website; the transmission is therefore made at your own risk.

18.1. General Provisions:

Any material other than personal identification information, which are governed by the Privacy Policy, which is transmitted or published (post) or loaded (upload) by the user on this Site (including, by way of example, any ratings) is considered non-confidential and free of holder (hereinafter the “Material Visitor”). By posting, uploading or transmitting of the user Material Visitors represent and warrant that you have the ownership or otherwise control all the rights concerning such Visitor Materials. You acknowledge and agree that the Company has no obligations with respect to the Material Visitor and that the Company, or any person in charge by any time, is free to copy, communicate, distribute, incorporate or use in any other way Visitor material and all data, images, sound, text and whatever is built in it for any purpose, whether commercial or non-commercial.

You represent and warrant that the Material Visitor that the user publish (post), the site loads (upload) or otherwise transmit to the Site will not infringe, and will not violate in the future, any of the restrictions set forth in the following paragraphs.

You will not post (post), load (upload) or transmitted to, or from, the Site Material Visitor (including reviews) which: (i) is in violation of any applicable laws at the local, national or international; (Ii) it is unlawful or misleading; (Iii) amounts to unauthorized advertising; or (iv) contains software viruses or any other malicious program.

18.2. Policy relating to Visitor Reviews

In particular, by way of example, it is prohibited to place on the Site Reviews (i) contain any defamatory, obscene or offensive; (Ii) promote violence or discrimination; (Iii) violate the intellectual property rights of third parties; (Iv) are in breach of any legal obligation with regard to third parties (such as, by way of example, a duty of confidence); (V) promotes illegal activities or invade the privacy of third parties; (Vi) give the impression of coming from the Company; or (vi) they are used to impersonate any person, or misrepresenting the reality concerning a close family relationship (maternity / paternity) with another person.

18.3. Removal Reviews

The list of prohibited acts referred to in the preceding paragraphs is only illustrative and is not exhaustive. The Company reserves the right (without assuming any obligation in this regard, though not limited to what is required by law) to proceed on totally discretionary removal or correction at any time any review or other material published Visitors of (post) loaded (upload) or transmitted on the Site that the Company believes to violate any of the prohibitions referred to in the preceding paragraphs is otherwise objectionable, or may expose the Company or any other third party to harm or liability of any kind, for any other reason.

18.4. Using Reviews

The Reviews and Visitor contained in the Site Materials are intended only for informative purposes and does not represent a suggestion by the Company. The Review and Material Visitor reflect the opinions of guests who have ordered through the Site or other third parties and any statements, advice or opinions provided by these entities exclusively pertains to them. Accordingly, to the maximum extent permitted by law, the Company assumes no responsibility or commitment for compensation to any person in relation to any review or other material of Visitors, including, by way of example, in connection with errors, defamation, obscenity omissions or untruths which can be found in such content.

18.5. Responsibility

You agree to indemnify the Company for any loss, damage or claim (and all related costs) incurred by itself or made against it by an Associated restaurant or other third parties and that they are derived from, or in connection with, any review or other material Visitor supplied by the user in breach of the representations, warranties, obligations or restrictions set forth in this Article 18.

18.6. Communications administrative or judicial authority

The Company provides full cooperation to any competent authority that requests or requires it to disclose the identity or location of anyone posting or transmitting material Visitor Reviews or in violation of the preceding paragraphs.

The present T & C, including the documents referred to therein and other legal notices published on the Website and in general the relationship between the Company and the website users are governed by Italian law and must be interpreted in accordance with its terms.

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